Ward 13

The secrets of Ward 13 are waiting…for you!

The Hospital of Nightmares

Step Inside Ward 13–Haunted House Chattanooga

After the FEARgrounds had been bulldozed, the brilliant Dr. Payne decided to build a hospital, WARD 13 on the land. Lakeford, the insidious clown who wreaked havoc on the grounds, came to possess the body of Dr. Payne. Dr. Payne began trying to re-create the spirits of his minions by butchering corpses at WARD 13. Once this was discovered, it was immediately put on lockdown… until now.

Four New Haunts Await…

Ward 13

Home to the diabolical Dr. Payne and his patients.


Trapped in the never-ending labyrinth of darkness – can you escape the ghastly surprises?

Crazy Clown

It’s no laughing matter when guests enter this haunt filled with the sheer horror of its inhabitants.

Shed of the
Living Dead

The dead come back to life in this shed filled with zombie dread.

of Terror

There’ll be no return trips for the bold who climb aboard the Train of Terror. It’s guaranteed to scare the yell out of you!