Fear Grounds

Fenced in area not recommended for the faint of heart ( children under 12).

Fear Grounds

Self contained area where the “frights” include The Aftermath (a haunted house), a maze, and some fearful surprises.

New in 2017, become immersed in the dark surprises that await in The Aftermath! Surrounded by the haunting after-effects of the fires that ravaged the legendary carnival fairgrounds that may have once stood in the area, the paranormal is inescapable. The spirits from a legendary fire remain ever-present in the ashes of what happened back in 1880. This atmosphere is not recommended for the faint of heart or children under 12.

The Aftermath

About a hundred years before Lake Winnie even existed, a clown named Lakeford opened a carnival called Lakeford’s Carnival of Adventures…

People came from miles around to see death defying acts and weird oddities, but by far, the most popular attraction was Lakeford the Clown himself. The customers loved Lakeford, believing him to be happy and kindhearted. But underneath his smiling face there lurked an evil tyrant.

There were stories of guests who were never seen again after coming to his show. Lakeford forced his employees to live in a compound hidden in the depths of the Carnival forest, called… the Fear Grounds. The employees were never allowed to leave, and anyone who dared stand against Lakeford would face his terrible wrath. He kept the Fear Grounds on lockdown as a prison of tyranny and torture for years, until all the employees were gone…

Or were they? If you dare, visit the Fear Grounds after 8:00 and experience THE AFTERMATH of Lakeford’s revenge.